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NALIN studios

NALIN studios designs accessories for all the Dreamers and Creatives who want to wear Simple and Cool designs. NALIN studios is all about pieces that feel comfortable, sensual and make you feel confident at the same time. Pieces that are made with LOVE and are Durable. Modern - Daily essentials that you can wear from day into evening.


The Concept

The concept is simple. Every first of the month at 19.00 o'clock we present 1 iconic piece in a limited edition. This piece will be only available at our online shop. Make sure you watch the clock to be on time for the new launch!


Our next Launch is on 8 October 2017 at 19.00 o'clock, European time🌹




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Anna Neclace

This month we are proud to present the Anna Necklace. This Necklace is inspired by the human portrait. A portrait is an artistic representation of a human driven by the ideal to represent the personality and even catches the mood of a person.

This portrait, a face of a woman, is carefully composed and is meant to inspire the wearer to have an open vision to the world.

This timeless and modern necklace is designed as an every day piece that you can wear from day into evening. 





NALIN studios designs jewelry and accessories